Supra Blown Headgasket


Well, the Supra has finally gotten the dreaded Blown Head Gasket. This will be its first big repair. It appears that the cause was leaking turbo seals allowing oil to get into my coolant. I'm not real comfortable with removing my own engine so, after shopping around, I went with the most inexpensive place in town to have my engine rebuilt- the dealership (imagine that).


As part of this rebuild, I am getting new bearings, seals, rings, gaskets, timing belt, and a few hoses. I also opted to have the clutch replaced while everything was apart. I had to replace the exhaust manifold as it was cracked and have the head machined as it was warped. I also had the turbo rebuilt by a local diesel/turbine repair shop.


The only real difficulty was writing the HUGE check.


Initially there were no problems to speak of so I am leaving this rated as easy. In my case it turn out later that having anyone but myself do the work was a huge mistake and a terrible waste of money. This was discovered just less than 40,000 miles later during the repair of a loose exhaust manifold that ballooned into much more.


The payoff for this repair was a good one, but very short lived. I kick myself thinking of the extra parts I could have bought with the $1200 I spent on labor. Not mention the crappy work that turned up when I did my own work not too long after.