Raider Rear Wheel Scraping


I was riding about 4 hours from home when I began to hear a rhythmic clucking from the bottom of my bike. My first thought was transmission (crap). I put my feet under the shifter and brake pegs and I could feel vibration in my right foot (whew). I was hours from home and had virtually no choice but to ride it. A coworker let me use his garage and jacks to mess with it. By this time the rotor heatshield was grinding heavily inside the caliper bracket. It looked like things had shifted to the right. I was able to make a temp spacer to put between the right side bearing spacer and the caliper bracket but by the next day the space I had made up was gone and there was a slight ticking. A second time with the wheel up and it looked liked the brakes where pulling the wheel over. I was able ride it home without using any back brakes.


This is still in the works but I have the wheel off the bike. There is a clunk from inside the wheel when I tip it left/right. The left side pulley and hub look ok other than I'm not sure about the outer bearing inner sleeve moving in and out. The hub was removed by supporting the tire on two blocks with the hub side down and using a long punch to gently tap on the hub through the 5 holes on the lower side of the wheel. On the right side the inner sleeve was pushed in and it fell completely in when I pushed it by hand.






How to rank this. Bad bearing riding could kill me, good bearings not...

left side spacing
Left side spacing.
right side spacing
Right side spacing.
Scrapes on bracket.
left start
Left side start.
left no oil seal
Pulley removed.
hub off
Wheel with hub off.
pulley hub
Hub. Seems ok.
no seal
These seem ok.
right side start
Left side start. Looks pushed in.
no seal
Oil seal removed.
bearing done
Inner part of bearing pushes in.
bearing gone
Inner parts of bearings out.
bearing parts
Bearing parts.