Supra Repairs


Someone rear ended me while stopped at a light. The damage was slight - new rear bumper and a slight crease in the right rear fender just in front of the wheel opening. Insurance paid for the repairs and I paid the difference to have the whole car painted as the skins of the front and rear bumper had faded different than the rest of the body.


My heater core let go and I had to replace it. Not nearly as bad a job as I had feared.


This year brought the ever delightful blown head gasket. I also had the turbo rebuilt by a local deisel/turbine shop.


Turns out the rebuild from my first blown head gasket was basically a waste of money as a year later (just past the warranty period) I discovered another. I was investigating a loose exhaust manifold and decided to pull the engine to heli-coil the head. Upon removal of the head, I found my second blown headgasket. With the head off I did some cleaning of the block surface and de-carboned the pistons. I ended up purchasing a new head and having my parts installed into it. I installed the new head, assembled the engine and installed it all into the car.
I also found a crack in the turbo and purchased another.


I started getting a code 52 for the knock sensor. I started with the rewire and ended up having to change the sensor itself.
I also fixed a leak in the tail lights and replaced a leaking steering rack.


The engine developed a rod knock and my car has not run since.  Many modifications are going in as part of this repair.

First blown headgasket.
heater core start
Heater core.
second bhg
Loose exhaust manifold.
turbo crack
Cracked turbo.

Knock sensor.