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87 Supra Turbo

Beginning - I finally got one.

I have wanted a Supra Turbo since I first saw one when they came out in mid 1986, I thought that it was a very sexy car. It took me a few years, but I finally bought one in 1991. She is a turbocharged, non-targa, manual with grey interior.  When I bought her, she had a HKS exhaust, a trailer hitch (long gone), and 77,000 miles.

History - Long and hopefully not over.

Now the odometer reads over 188,000.  She has moved with me through four states, been driven all around the country, and is still stylish and sexy.  While it has been the occasional headache, I like this car so much that I am spending more to repair her engine than the she is worth financially.  She is still stylish enough to not appear too dated.  In May 2002 she developed a slight rod knock and has not been driven since.  In a way this was a good thing - I have longed to do so many upgrades but could not when she was as a daily driver; but now I can finally let the dreams come true.  It has been a slow process (years) to get all the money together for the parts and machine work, but the engine is finally built and assembled.  She's in the garage and going back together.  Hopefully she will be running again.

Repairs - Boo!

The only major repairs I had until my rod knock were 2 blown head gaskets. The first BHG was just from the Supra BHG bug and the second was so slight it was unknown until I started trying to fix a loose exhaust manifold which ballooned into a much bigger repair job. The steering rack and the heater core were the only other major things. The total amount that I have spent on repairs is shown at right.

Modifications - Yeah!

In my quest for better performance, I have done a number of modifications. Some of them were practically free like (hood vent), some were fairly expensive (550cc injectors and Lexus air flow meter) and some were very expensive (.040 over JE pistons, Crower rods and 1mm over Ferrea valves and dual springs, Fidenza flywheel, and RPS 6 puck clutch). The total amount that I have spent on modifications is shown at right.

new car small
The day I bought her, pay no attention to the hair.
red angle small
Spring of 91, front and rear clip are faded.
red front small
Spring of 91
red rear small
Spring of 91
front right small
Summer of 01
red brush small
New wheels, spring of 04